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At ADS Machine Shop, we take conventional machining seriously, using the best tools in the market to ensure customer satisfaction for Allardville, NB and surrounding areas. If you're looking for a trustworthy source for your conventional machining needs, you've found the right business. Under the supervision of our highly trained and qualified machinist team, we get the job done right for you, producing both simple and complex machine parts accurately. Our sophisticated processes guarantee efficiency, saving you time and money. We are fully equipped to build you new parts, repairs or replacement parts.Our fleet of machinery offers the highest precision for a personalized service for any client. We are constantly striving to improve and develop our methods with upgraded equipment to better serve you. We believe that keeping our existing clients happy comes first, by building lasting relationships that include loyalty and integrity. By choosing ADS, you will receive the best advice to stay on budget and on schedule.For a consultation and to determine the best way to keep you operating at 100% productivity, please contact us.


Look no further for quality service in digital machining for Allardville, NB and beyond. The technologically advanced machinery we utilize is capable of developing parts that are exceedingly complex. Computerized Numerical Control offers the latest in machine construction and maintenance. Our combination of on-going training programs for employees and updated software result in the production of highly accurate parts. ADS can accommodate all of your prototype manufacturing requests and secondary operations on a wide range of machine parts.Our knowledgeable staff is enthusiastic about using this computerized technology to accomplish the most challenging jobs for our clients. We earn your business through our cost-effective and consistent work each time. Your business will stay on-budget when choosing our services, which are conveniently available 24/7 to better serve you.Maintain your optimal work flow and get an estimate with us.


With the highest in industry standards, ADS Machine Shop Inc. delivers with superior results for our clients. Our unrivaled team is qualified and regularly trained to stay up-to-date with the latest machinery to serve Allardville and surrounding areas. We are dedicated and enthusiastic when it comes to assisting you with even the most challenging of projects. Welding is one of our specialties, and we can help you effectively with any large or small-scale project you're hoping to achieve. Options including MIG, TIG and ARC welding, paired with our impressive facilities and a multitude of steel grade and other metal choices will get the job done efficiently for you.Our equipment allows for meticulous precision with its modern capacity and a wide variety of complex capabilities. Our mission is to deliver on accuracy and timeliness on a budget that suits your needs. Welding offers customers strong bonds that won't suffer from distortion or warping. Repairs on damaged machinery or the construction of new parts is taken seriously. We adhere to strict guidelines that result in lasting relationships with our clients.We are conveniently available 24/7 for Allardville, NB and for the surrounding area, and gladly offer free estimates.


Our fabrication processes at ADS Machine Shop Inc. serve Allardville, NB and surrounding areas with the best in manufacturing implementation. We are your optimal choice for the fabrication of steel bars, angles, beams, steel plates, tubes, curving, cutting, rolling and much more. Equipped with a highly skilled and specialized team of draftsmen and engineers, we are dedicated to accommodating your needs. Upgrades with the latest tools and technology paired with regularly improved processes result in a more detailed accuracy.The designing and drafting processes of projects is always coordinated promptly, giving you time to focus on your most important tasks. Reduced costs and longevity of parts are the benefits you can appreciate from our craftsmanship. We are more than happy to assist you with consultation prior to commencing projects.Contact us for your free estimate.


We offer the best methods in plasma cutting for a wide variety of custom parts. ADS Machine Shop Inc. is equipped with state-of-the-art plasma cutting machinery that offers affordable methods for sheet metal cutting. The wide range of options for 2D cutting ensures a speedy job at our client's convenience. These specialized services are available at a low cost due to the diligent nature of the process, including thick metal sheets. We are adept at constructing parts including metal brackets, signs, panels, heavy machinery, automotive parts and much more.Our materials are always of high quality and are built to last. To maximize the quality of our services, we continually strive to improve and optimize our processes. We help our clients to choose the perfect methods for their specific requirements, including more complex applications.ADS is available around the clock to work closely with clients for a personalized service at a competitive price, and we are happy to consult you when you need.


Businesses that keep their machinery in optimal condition ensure that their performance is consistently at its peak. This means production stays high, and your investment is protected. By staying proactive, you're protecting your machinery before it breaks or fails on you. ADS Machine Shop Inc., located in Allardville, NB and serving beyond, understands this well. We're here to offer you the best in refurbishing and parts replacement to ensure your livelihood runs smoothly. We can inspect, clean, fix, reassemble, test, and thoroughly refurbish anything you send our way.Hydraulic cylinders play a crucial role today in conserving the reliability and effectiveness of machinery. We are here to facilitate all of your maintenance needs quickly and cost-effectively. Our knowledgeable staff and extensive range of components are here to meet or exceed your expectations. Our great customer service sets us apart from the competition. We strive to uphold our clientele through loyalty and the level of expertise we conduct while doing any type of job.To get a full-service treatment, contact us for an estimate.


ADS Machine Shop Inc. of Allardville, NB offers efficient on-site services for machining, steel fabrication and equipment revitalization. We offer the convenience of meeting you at your facility or installation site quickly at unbeatable prices. Our team of experts is enthusiastic about resolving the most complex of issues, even in areas that are confined or difficult to access. Portable services can be tailored to your needs. We cover a large region so that we can reach more remote clients seeking our professional services.We uphold strict quality control standards, only using high-performance tools that meet industry requirements. If you're seeking assistance in getting your machines back to their best condition, we guarantee to get the job done at your leisure. The professionals on our team will come to inspect, manage and coordinate everything you need problem-free, with health and safety in mind.Schedule a consultation with us so we can determine the best course of action to boost your productivity and save you money.

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